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This Says It All!


Snoopy and Peanuts have the best idea! Read more

Climb Ev’ry Mountain – Press On!

577723_546378065385126_307116452_n Then…. and now!   The original cast of the wonderful Rodgers and Hammerstein production, The Sound of Music. Read more

Artichokes – A Fun Food!

When is the last time you made an artichoke for dinner? Read more

A Picture Of Humility – Well Done KD!

hi-res-8c9f05fc15322419eeae6636987f0aea_crop_exactNo matter how down you may be, how impossible your situation may seem, how unlikely success appears…stay humble and press on.  Great things just may await you! Read more

Just Be You – Happy Mother’s Day !

Mom's Night OutIf you are someone’s mommy, grandmother, nana, auntie, tia, or godmother, so basically if you are a woman who cares about anyone’s children including, and especially your own, this is for you 🙂  Read more

Mother’s Day Lemonade

cherry lemonade 2
Every mother will tell you that what is most important is that whatever her children or grandchildren do for her, or make for her, that it is done with love.  If it happens to be sweet, refreshing, delicious and lovely to look at…well, all the better 🙂 Read more

Moms On Fire

mom on fire
These moms are on FIRE!  This will make you smile 🙂

Read more

That Old? Really?


(Photo courtesy of Press Association)

Yesterday, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth visited the Feisted School in Essex (England) to commemorate its anniversary. Read more

Dear Chums – R.S.V.P. Etiquette

Dear Chums

“Dear Chums,

I am having a shower for a friend’s daughter and have sent out the invitations.  I did put RSVP on the invitation but have not heard from many of the invitees.” Read more

Cinco De Mayo – A Sweet And Spicy Celebration

This is perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  It is so simple and so good, you’ll be “celebrating” all summer long! Read more

Bow Sandals! Gotta Get Them!


As you no doubt know, your Two Chums absolutely LOVE bows!  It is because of this love of bows that we want you to know about these really adorable bow flip flops. Read more

Creamy Lemony Pasta

Creamy Lemon Pasta

What could be better to make for dinner than something that is easy, quick AND delicious?!!! Read more

Salad Days – A Light Spring Supper

Tuna bean salad
Can you believe it is already May? HAppy MAy Day dear chums 🙂  As the days grow longer and warmer (or some just down right hot!) it is nice now and again to have a simple salad for dinner.  We have one we think fits the bill really nicely. Read more

Dear Chums – Hat Etiquette

Dear Chums

“Dear Chums,

My son balks at taking his hat off when sitting down to a meal.  What is your feeling on this subject?” Read more

They Say Good Bye!

trio--z Prince William, The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George have had a wonderful trip to NewZealand and Australia! Read more

Savvy Secrets With Vinegar

Savvy secrets photo

Who knew that vinegar could do some many things? Read more

Puppies In A Jacket

pups topEveryone has had pigs in  blanket, breakfast sausages wrapped in pancakes.  This is a variation on that theme.  Little cocktail hot dogs wrapped in buttered toast.  Kids of all ages love these! Read more

A Little Bite Is Just Right

Bite-TopSometimes, after a big lunch or dinner you don’t need or even want a big dessert.  Sometimes, it is just a little bite of something (preferably a chocolate something) that is just right 🙂

Read more

The Catherine, And Now The George, Effect!

Well, Catherine, and now George, is doing it again! Read more

Dear Chums – Who Should Be Included?


Dear Chums

“Dear Two Chums,

I am hosting a shower for a bride-to-be and would really like to include some people at the shower who are not invited to the wedding” Read more

Been Discouraged? – Press On

“Opportunity…it often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat.” – Napoleon Hill  We’ve all had set backs or been discouraged as we pursued our callings of one kind or another.  Here are some folks who overcame their discouragement and pressed on.

Read more

Easter Cookie Pops

cookie bouquet
These are what we would call a trifecta….easy, delicious, and can serve as your centerpiece!
Read more

Tick Tock Cinnamon Rolls – An Easter Tradition

2 rollsYears ago there was a wonderful restaurant right in the heart of Hollywood called the Tick Tock.  It was a place to go when you wanted delicious home cooking and you weren’t the one cooking it.  Growing up, my family ate there frequently on Sundays after church.  And when I was married and had children of my own we continued the tradition. Read more

From Solemn Reverence to Playful Joy!


All in one day….from solemn reverence… Read more

Dear Chums – Should There Be An End Time?

Dear Chums
“Dear Two Chums,

When I send out an invitation, should I put an “end time” on it?” Read more

Good Pesach – Happy Passover

PassoverAs the 8 days of Passover begin tonight we want to wish all our Jewish chums…. Read more

Savvy Secrets – MAYO Savvy Secrets!

Savvy secrest photo

Look at all these amazing ways to use mayo!  SO useful!

Read more

A Timeless Classic – Chicken Soup

CS -2There won’t be a dinner table in any Jewish home come Monday that doesn’t include that iconic Jewish food…chicken soup.  Or to be more specific, Matzo Ball Soup, which is really just chicken soup with matzo balls.
Read more

Some Things Bear Repeating – Brisket

brisket-on-platter-e1332762306422Passover begins at sundown on Monday.  In Jewish homes everywhere families will be sitting down together to celebrate at a Passover seder.  In many of those dining rooms there will be brisket on the seder table.  But you don’t have to be Jewish, or celebrating Passover, to enjoy this super easy and very delicious meal!
Read more

Down Under


“What on earth does ‘Down Under’ have to do with the United Kingdom?”, you might ask. Read more

Dear Chums – How Do I Do This?

Dear Chums
“Dear Two Chums,

The dental hygienist who has cleaned my teeth for years recently lost her son.”   Read more

Been Rejected – Press On

BonoIf you have ever been rejected or turned down …congratulations!  You are now a part of a group of very well known and successful people who have also had this same experience. Read more

Rise And Shine – Eggs Benedict

Eggs BenedictIf there is one iconic dish that signifies a luxury breakfast or brunch, it would have to be Eggs Benedict.  There is not a a respectable brunch menu or buffet that doesn’t include classic Eggs Benedict or some variation of them.  We have our own simplified version for you, our chums 🙂 Read more

How He’s Grown!

BESTPIX: The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Release Family Photograph Ahead Of Tour To Australia & New Zealand

Yes, little Prince George certainly is growing up and seems to be more captivated with Lupo, his cocker spaniel, than anything else! Read more

Dear Chums – Clean Shower Door


“Dear Chums,

How do I get the cloudy residue from a glass shower door?  I’ve tried lots of things.” Read more

Oeufs En Cocotte – No Fooling

Eggs and toastIt may be April Fools Day but we aren’t fooling around when we tell you that cooking eggs this way makes a delicious dish that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a late night supper to celebrate your birthday!  Happy Birthday, dear Hilary! Read more

Well Done!

wrestle_635x250_1394396905We always love to share heartwarming stories that we hear about.  This one came courtesy of The PostGame Staff.

Read more

Some Things Bear Repeating – Banana Muffins

BM - reasy to eatA few months ago we gave you the recipe for our Favorite Banana Muffins.  That is not just a name….Favorite Banana Muffins….it is truly what they are 🙂

Read more


black-and-white-shake-handsEver taken someone’s hand to shake it and found that it felt like a wet noodle?

Read more

Savvy Secrets – Get Organized For Spring

Savvy secrest photo It’s Spring!  If you haven’t started already it is time to clean out and organize where clutter has set in. Read more


Britain Golf Faldo Knighthood

Have you ever wondered how some people in England are titled?  For example, Dame Judi Dench,  Sir Paul McCartney or The Earl of Grantham? Read more

Rise And Shine – Better Bacon

Bacon All across this country as the sun peeks up over the horizon there are kitchens filled with that intoxicating aroma of sizzling bacon.But do you ever think twice about frying bacon because of the greasy mess you can end up with on your stove?  You won’t have to hesitate anymore! Read more

Ou La La – Nutella Crepes!

Crepes -Sadie and NutellaWhether you are having them for breakfast or as a dessert, you simply can’t go wrong. My granddaughter Sadie could tell how good they are.  Doesn’t her little face say it all? Read more

Salad Days – BBQ Chicken Salad

BBQ salad
As the saying goes, “You eat first with your eyes”.   The colors alone in this salad should signal a very delightful meal…but tasting is believing! Read more

Dear Chums – Cell ‘Phone Etiquette


“Dear Chums,

I have friends who sit with the phone on the table when we are out to lunch and if it buzzes or beeps to indicate an email or a text, they can’t help but take a look.” Read more

Is Cressida Bonas The Next One To Join The Royal Family?

i.2.kate-middleton-cressida-bonas-adviceRumour (in England, this is how it is spelled) has it that Prince Harry is getting quite serious about Cressida Bonas! Read more

All Roads Lead To Green


The color associated with St. Patrick’s Day was originally blue!  Can you believe that? Read more

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner – Dublin Coddle

DC - dinner plate
“What in the world is Dublin Coddle?” you may well be asking.  It’s Irish comfort food at it’s best and is the perfect alternative to corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Read more

The Best of Ireland!

bread and butterOur favorite Irish food?…why it’s  their delicious butter of course! Read more

Dear Chums…….Is Bread OK To Eat?

DEAR CHUMSIn an effort to respond to the questions we receive from time to time we will be doing a regular “Dear Chums” post.  We would welcome any questions you might have regarding etiquette or any subject that deals with making our lives more abundant.  This is a letter we received just the other day:

“Dear Chums,

There was a recent study by the Environmental Working Group that said a large number of food products including sliced bread contain the same ingredient, (a type of rubber), used in yoga mats!” Read more

Prince George Will Go Too!


Just over thirty years ago, Prince Charles and Diana insisted that William be with them on an official tour of Australia and New Zealand.  He was nine months old at the time. Read more

Oh Golly – More Savvy Secrets!


Courtesy of Elizabeth Street – At Home

We know that we just did some Savvy Secrets on Friday but we came across these and thought of you, immediately!  Could not wait to share them. Read more

Yeah! More Savvy Secrets


Savvy secrest photo

We received these really helpful Savvy Secrets from our dear friend Virginia.

Read more

“Your Presence Is His Present”


Recently, one of my darling daughters-in-law asked a question of me. Read more

Brothers Go Bald To Fight Cancer – Well Done!

largeThey may be young but they have already learned the value of supporting others who are struggling. Read more

Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras; Rex Parade

Yes, today is “Fat Tuesday” or what is more commonly called “Mardi Gras”.  There is celebrating going on throughout a lot of the Christian world with lots of music, parades, and partying.

Read more

Mardi Gras Dessert – Banana Pudding

BP -Cover You REALLY can’t go wrong by serving this at your Mardi Gras celebration tomorrow or any celebration for that matter!

Read more

…And Another of Our Favorites


Philomena!  Without a doubt, your Two Chums appreciated this movie – this movie depicting another true story, this time about Philomena Lee, an Irish girl who found herself pregnant, out of wedlock, at a time when this was certainly “not done”. Read more

12 Years A Slave

What a powerful film this is! Read more

If It’s Good Enough For Wolfgang Puck…

…then it is probably good enough for you too to serve it with confidence.  Every year, for the past 20 years, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, has served this to the Hollywood elite at the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball.  What exactly are we referring to?  Chicken Pot Pie! Read more

Not Just Any Clutch!


Judith Leiber clutches are synonymous with the Oscars.  There is no doubt that we will see many of them this Sunday as the stars walk the red carpet.  There will be all sorts of shapes –  amazingly designed and beautifully crafted. Read more

Red Carpet Treatment


As we “walk” our way through this week to the Oscars on Sunday, your Two Chums thought it would be fun to explore how the “red carpet” concept came into being. Read more

A Poignant Letter From Daddy


With so much emphasis on the outward i.e. our body, our hair, etc. we were struck by this wonderful letter from Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a clinical psychologist, to his daughter. Read more

Golden Beauty

liquid gold 1

Need something to make you beautiful from the inside out?  How about a special recipe from Elizabeth Ardens’ Red Door Spa?  We’ve  got that!   Read more

Enhance Your Beauty – SMILE !


Of all the things you can do to look your best and bring out your inner beauty, nothing beats a smile 🙂

Read more

Is That Really Me?


Do photographs always tell the truth? Read more

The First President of the United States of America


Without the amazing leadership qualities, the force of character, and the wartime experience of  George Washington, The United States of America might still be a colony of the United Kingdom. Read more

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez! – Crawfish Gumbo

Cover Photo

This is a cajun motto for “Let the good times roll !” Those who visit the beautiful city of New Orleans will see it written most everywhere. Recently I had the great fortune to take my grandson, Jeremy there to be guests on a cooking show with Chef Jeff Henderson, called Family Style With Chef Jeff.  It airs tomorrow  thus the second post for today 🙂 Read more

Sweet Hearts – White Chocolate Cherry Shortbread

heart cookiesWhat says “Valentine” better than a heart?  And what better heart than a yummy sweet pink cookie heart ?!! 🙂 Read more

Love In The Morning – Heart Shaped Breakfast

Heart breakfastDinner doesn’t have to be the only romantic meal of the day on Valentine’s Day.  Why not start celebrating at breakfast? Read more

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!


President Abraham Lincoln is, arguably, one of the most respected individuals our society has known.  It is not hard to see why after reading some of his quotes! Read more

“Heart-y” Healthy Soup

SoupThis soup is not only tasty and healthy, it also has heart or more accurately, hearts….carrot hearts! Read more

Very interesting!


Do you think that a liter of cold water weighs the same as a liter of hot water? Read more

Welcome or Stay Out?

What does the color of your front door say about you? Read more

To Russia With Love!





We learned that there is more than just the Olympic games bringing people together in Russia! Read more

The Five Rings


Do you know what the five rings and the five different colors of the rings represent?  Well ….. Read more

Love Conquers All – Let’s Use It!


This is a wonderful story that we read on Momastery.  We want to share it with all of you.

We say, “Well done” to this amazing teacher.

Read more

Well Done – True Value, True Service

True ValueReal customer service has all but vanished.  So when we find it we want to report about it and celebrate it! Read more

A Good Princess Story

1000px-Frozen-movie-poster As we round out our week devoted to “princess” things, the week wouldn’t be complete without a list of great “princess” stories told on film.  Frozen is the newest of Princess movies to come to the big screen.  Loosely based on the Hans Christen Andersen fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, it is delighting audiences around the world.   No one does princess stories better than Disney, but we have a list of some who we think  have done as well. Read more

Diana Became a Princess and Catherine Did Not?


Why did Diana become a princess when she married Prince Charles and Kate did not when she married Prince William? Read more

Kate Look Alike!


Girl Meets Dress is a UK based company where you can go and rent a wonderful dress for the evening.   Read more

A Crown For Your Princess

pink crown What little girl doesn’t love to dream of being a princess?  What big girl doesn’t for that matter?  🙂 Read more

Eat Like A Princess!


Although not born a princess, certainly Catherine, Duchess of York, is considered a princess and will, in fact, one day be the wife of the King of England. Read more

Rise and Shine – Sunshine In A Glass

orange drink
This is my new favorite breakfast! Read more

Easy Clean Up

1 Pan

If you have cooked more than a handful of times in your life you have experienced a burned on mess stuck to a pan that made you want to throw the whole thing right out of the window! Read more

Did You Know?


When you freeze water to make ice cubes, most times, those ice cubes come out very cloudy. Read more

Ant Farms


When I was a child, my father took me to the London Zoo at Regent’s Park and showed me its huge ant farm.   Read more

In Celebration….

1010466_261150774047669_1604825981_nof love….and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Leftovers 411 – Meatloaf Another Way

meatloaf sandwichYou can have it hot OR you can have it cold! Read more

Homemade Froyo

foyo - in cartonsWhen you want a healthy, easy, delicious, treat, you can make it in moments! Read more

Need a New Look? Spray Paint!


Spray paint will make anything look new! Read more

Choose Love!


Always choose love! Read more

No Bake Cheesecake Sandwiches

CCThe other day we were having guests for Sunday lunch and I decided that morning that I wanted to serve cheesecake for dessert.  To be more accurate (and honest), I decided I wanted to EAT cheesecake for dessert.

Read more

Savvy Secrets-Storing Craft and Wrapping Supplies

“A place for everything and everything in it’s place.”  If you’ve ever gone looking for something you were certain you had, but then couldn’t find, or worse, found but couldn’t use because it was tangled or broken, then you will appreciate these tips for storing the elements of creating or wrapping all sorts of fun projects. Read more

Browned Butter Sage Pumpkin Pizza

pizza - cover

This is pizza with a delicious twist! Read more

Happy Birthday, Katherine!


In honour of her turning 32, here are 32 reasons why we love Katherine! Read more

Company Cake

company cake
Our dear chum Janna, posted a wonderful recipe on Facebook and I just had to share it with all of you.  I grew up eating this cake as my grandmother loved to make a version of it too! Read more

Letter From Ronald Reagan To His Son, MIchael


People have learned so very much from President Ronald Reagan.  We came across this touching letter from President Reagan to his son, Michael, which he wrote days before Michael got married. Read more

New Year – Clean Washing Machine!


Did you ever wonder about whether or not your washing machine needs to be cleaned? Read more

Bring Back The Old!


date night

Sketch courtesy of The Lazy Mom Diaries

These 10 old fashioned ways of dating popped out at us on Facebook and we thought it would be fun to share them.   Read more

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