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On Being A Gentleman

The world is full of boys and men.  Gentlemen of any age are in shorter supply.  Some equate being a gentleman with slick words or expensive clothes or a fat wallet.  Those are superficial evidences that don’t prove the character of a man or whether he is in fact a true gentleman.  Here are some words that give voice to who and what a real gentleman really is:








A gentleman makes the world a better place simply because he’s in it…that’s a quote from your Two Chums 🙂




I cannot let this day go by without acknowledging the most wonderful gentleman my life, Randy Northup, who I was blessed to marry 41 years ago and whose birthday we are celebrating today.  He is celebrated everyday in my heart but by everyone else today. Happy birthday honey 🙂

Secondly, we are very fortunate to have another wonderful gentleman in our family, our son-in-law, Pete Scolinos, who was also born on this day.  In so many ways he is very like his father-in-law, not the least of which he is one good guy and a real gentleman.  Our daughter, Amanda says often with a smile, “I married my father!”

And thirdly may we wish another gentleman, our friend (who happens to be the father of another son-in-law) John Dilley, many happy returns of the day!  Another good guy and true gentleman to be sure.

As it turns out, this was a good day for gentlemen to be born!

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