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No Ring?

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When Prince William married the then Catherine Middleton, one thing that is fairly often practiced at wedding ceremonies in the United States did not happen.

Catherine Middleton did not put a wedding ring on Prince William’s “wedding finger”.

Here’s what Carly Ledbetter of the Huffington Post had to say about it:

“Though you’ve probably seen a million pictures of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, you might’ve missed one important thing missing from the future king of England’s left hand: his wedding ring.

While Kate wears a gorgeous sapphire and diamond engagement ring with a Welsh gold wedding band, Prince William doesn’t wear one. As pointed out by Business Insider, the Prince didn’t receive one during his 2011 wedding to the Duchess, according to the royal wedding’s official program.

His aversion to rings was attributed to personal preference, but it’s actually quite common for the British upper class to skip the relatively new custom.

                                                                      REUTERS/Toby Melville

“It is not unusual at all for men from the upper sets in Britain to shun wearing a wedding band,” etiquette expert William Hanson told Harper’s Bazaar. “This is not because of any intentions that they may wish to play away from home once married, but because it was traditionally not the done thing for gentlemen to wear jewellery. Years ago, this even included watches, but even hardened snobs have relaxed on that front.”

It is always fun to hear about different traditions.






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