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Making Food Fun

Summer is here and maybe you are looking for ways to get your little ones to try foods they don’t normally eat.  Or maybe you have some really good eaters but you need some activities to keep little hands and minds busy so you don’t hear those awful words “I’m bored!”  If that’s you, we’ve got some fun ideas for you today 🙂What little one (or big one for that matter) wouldn’t be delighted to find one of these treats on a plate?  Much less to be the one who got to create one of these or one of their own designs!

Maybe this week is the perfect time to play with your kids and let them “play” with their food.  You could spark their creativity (and yours), have some giggles over the funny faces you make with food, and maybe even get them to try something new.  Children are much more interested in eating something they helped to make.  And if nothing else you have a fun afternoon activity with your child or children.  That sounds a lot like love, joy and abundant living to us 🙂


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