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Make Mine A Watercolor

When we find something fun we always want to share it.  And what better place to share than right here with all of you, our chums 🙂We’ve found a really fun app for your smart phone that we think you’ll truly enjoy.  The app can be purchased from your iPhone or iPad and used with any photo you’ve taken.  Basically this app gives you the chance to turn a photo, any photo, whether a portrait or still life or scenic shot, into a fun and printable and framable watercolor.  Here are some examples of photos we’ve put through this fun app:





Just think of the fun you could have with this $4.99 app.  You could have a collection of children’s photos made into water color prints you frame, or a series of landmarks that are put through the app to be watercolors you use to make your own personal notecards, or a collection of floral photos that you turn into watercolor prints and frame to be hung together to make a bold decorating statement.  Really any photo, or many photos you have can be turned into works of art from an app that costs under $5 to purchase and install on your iPhone or iPad.  Go to the App store and look up Waterlogged, buy it and you’re on your way.  Oh just think of the love and joy, and let’s not forget about the fun, that you can have with this!

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  1. Allison #


    September 14, 2017
  2. Janna K Howe #

    Wow! Love this!

    September 14, 2017

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