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Love In The Morning – Heart Shaped Breakfast

Heart breakfastDinner doesn’t have to be the only romantic meal of the day on Valentine’s Day.  Why not start celebrating at breakfast?Start your Valentine’s Day off right:-)

Create a heart shape for potatoes using the same method as for the carrots in Heart-y Healthy Soup.  Slice the potatoes into 1/4 thick slices.  Toss with enough oil just to coat the potato slices and season with salt and pepper.  Place on a baking sheet and roast potatoes in a 400 degree oven for 12-15 minutes until golden and crispy.
Potato heart trimmed

Potato heart slices

Potato hearts roasted

Shape sausage patties into hearts and fry in a hot pan.

sausage heart

sausage hearts in pan

Using a large heart shaped cookie cutter, cut hearts of bread and toast in the oven or toaster.  You can serve  this with Fresh Raspberry Freezer Jam.
cutting bread hearts

Toast and jam

While the bread is toasting and the potatoes are roasting, place the heart shaped cookie cutter in the frying pan that you cooked the sausage in.  Having drained the fat from the sausage except for about 1 teaspoon of the fat, place the cookie cutter in the pan and crack an egg inside the cookie cutter.  Fry egg until set then flip to other side to finish cooking.
cutter in pan for egg

Heart Egg

Lastly, use the strawberries natural heart shape and remove hull forming a “V” to accentuate the heart shape.
Heart strawberries

As you can see this heart shaped breakfast is appreciated by my Valentine sweetheart 🙂

Randy 1
Randy 2

Good to the last bite:-)

All Done

Heart shaped egg, toast, sausage, potatoes and strawberries say “I love you” all over the plate!





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  1. Janna #

    A true gift of love on a plate!!! It speaks “You are special”.
    You two Chums are special indeed!

    February 13, 2014
  2. ashley fenton #

    cisco looks happy!

    February 13, 2014

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