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L’esprit Français

(Iconic French actress Brigitte Bardot)
Today is Bastille Day in France.  So as a tribute to our French chums we thought we would acknowledge one of the many things the French are oh so good at….their sense of personal style!

According to Vogue magazine, “A French girl usually goes for discreet, carefully selected accessories that never adhere to trends or overwhelm her outfit, but instead relay her personal story, one unique detail at a time.”  So in celebration of the French and their beautiful style, we offer these accessories:


An Hermes scarf…this one happens to be from the website TheRealReal

womens_sweetzer_12162015Martone Cycling Company  Sweetzer Bike

V511_V_550_P1Repetto Camille Ballerina Flammy Red Patent Leather Shoe

French Beret


Yves Saint Laurent Crossbody Bag 

00221155-01 (1)Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses


Red Pagoda Umbrella


A Great Red Lipstick


Cartier Tank Watch

champagne-perrier-jouet-belle-epoque-jeroboamPerrier Jouet Floral Bottle Champagne

Ok, we know champagne is not actually an accessory, but what celebration…especially a French celebration…would be complete without champagne?  If you are French, you wouldn’t describe champagne is an accessory… it is an essential!!  Viva La France! 🙂



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