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Jazz It Up!

This is a really simple, super fun way to jazz up your bedroom!

As you all know, your Two Chums LOVE sharing in good!  Rachel Sanders for BuzzFeed shared this with us and we could not help but pass it along!

Do you want to give your bedroom a little umph?  Here are a couple of ideas:


In this one, you can attach short curtain rods to the ceiling and hand your fabric through them.  The fabric can be anything you might like.  It can be like this one shown, light and breezy, or it could be a printed fabric that compliments the other fabrics in your room.


This second one is easily done by purchasing a dowel (the width of your bed plus an inch or two) at your local craft store and then hanging your fabric on the dowel.  The dowel can then be attached to the ceiling using hooks.

Both are very pretty and just add a little “je ne sais quoi”.

More joy, for sure!









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