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Most of us will have some sort of carved pumpkin on our porches or next to our front doors or in our front windows tonight in celebration of Halloween!  This is Jack-O-Lanterns big day!  Here are some last minute ideas for carving your pumpkin and keeping it preserved a bit better.

We learned this tip for preserving your pumpkin from Southern Living Magazine:

“If you want your pumpkin to outlast your neighbors’, try these preservation hacks. First, make sure that you have scraped every bit of pulp out from inside the pumpkin – remnants attract bugs and bacteria that speed up the rotting process. Keep a fruit fly trap nearby the ward off pest infestation. Carve the hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, rather than the top, so that excess moisture seeps out rather than collecting in the bottom. Finally, rub your entire pumpkin in petroleum jelly or vegetable oil – not only does this coating give your pumpkin a luminous glow, it also seals the edges and prevents the loss of moisture. ”

Here are some carving ideas to keep things fun!













Happy Halloween everyone! And happy carving 🙂




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