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It’s A Shoe In

Shoes copyIf you are anything like we are, there may be nothing that you LOVE getting more than a great pair of beautiful  shoes!  Today we have some “hacks” for shoes.  If you aren’t familiar with the current popular definition of what a “hack” is, according to the urban dictionary, it is “a clever solution to a tricky problem.”  So here we go with some clever solutions to some possible problems, and great ideas for taking care of your shoes. tight-shoes-blow-dry1. Stretch a pair of tight shoes by wearing thick socks and blow drying the tight area.


2. Tape the 3rd and 4th toes on each foot before wearing closed-toed heels.  Doing this will alter your balance a little and take pressure of the balls of your feet.


3. Soak blistered feet in warm black tea to reduce infection.


4. Use Windex to shine patent leather shoes. (Especially if you happen to be Greek:-)


5. Clean stains off white tennis shoes with nail polish remover.


6. Spray your feet with hairspray to prevent them from sliding down or slipping out of heels.

wet-boots7. Stuff newspaper into wet boots to absorb moisture quickly.


8. Loosen tight shoes by placing them in the freezer with Ziploc bags filled with water.  Fill up two Ziploc bags with water, and seal them tightly. Place the bags inside tight shoes, and let them sit overnight in the freezer, or until the water in the bags freezes. As the water freezes, it will slowly expand the bag to gently stretch the walls of your shoes.


9. Roll a tennis ball under your foot after a long day on your feet.


10. Buff away tough dirt stains on suede shoes with a nail file.


11. Tie your house or car key to your shoe when you go running.

breakables-shoes12. Pack breakables, glasses, and/or jewelry in your shoes while traveling.

pool-noodle13. Keep the shape of tall boots with pool noodles.

deodorant-on-feet14. Apply deodorant to your heels and sides of feet to prevent blisters.

And last but surely NOT LEAST……

15. A Shoe In (Shoo In) for the best chum ever? ….. My darling chum, Jackie!

Happy Birthday Jackie, Sara and Trevor from Two Chums on Vimeo.

Jacks, I love you more than any pair of shoes I’ve ever owned….and I’ve owned a lot of shoes!  Jackie is like a fantastic pair of heels, she is lovely inside and out, is one of a kind, makes everyone look good, and anytime she is around you always reach higher and stand taller.  Happy, happy birthday my dearest chum.  I love you and I’m so grateful to call you my chum. <3


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  1. Janna #

    Oh Happy special Birthday to you three, Jackie, Sara and Trevor! A blessed year to you filled with Love and Joy!

    June 1, 2016
    • Two Chums #

      Thank you, dear Janna. Much love to you.

      June 1, 2016

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