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Gratitude For Their Service

soldier-in-iraq-a-poem-of-life-and-loss-by-jevonte-lockhart-dw4cmj-clipartToday, across the nation, we are celebrating Veterans Day.  Most of us know or are related to a someone who has served our country in military service.  In a variety of ways we collectively recognize our veterans on Veteran’s Day, but have you ever taken the time to personally thank someone who made the sacrifice and served our country?  It could be a neighbor, a teacher, a relative or a friend.  They may have served long before you were even born.  They may have spent their whole career in military service.  When or where or how long they served doesn’t matter.  What matters is that they are remembered for that service and personally told “thank you” by someone…by you.  Knowing someone noticed their sacrifice can’t help but make the person you write to feel really good.

Take a few minutes today and write a note of thanks to a veteran.  It does not need to be long or detailed. It only needs to express your gratitude for what they did.  They made the sacrifice to serve, we can surely sacrifice a few moments to say thank you.  It just might mean the world to someone to know you appreciate what they did for you and for our country.  And when you write that note of thanks there will be two people who feel good….the veteran and you 🙂



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  1. Wendy #

    I have a veteran Grandfather, three uncles, a father and a husband. The husband I have thanked. He has received so many “Happy Birthday” notes from all his Marine friends. These are the friends of a lifelong friendship! As ugly as war is, it has produced the best of friends.

    November 11, 2016

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