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Giving Thanks

420-thanksgiving-table-conversation-starters-family-friends-imgcache-rev1320424998051Today, on this national holiday, we eat turkey and yummy pies and sit around our dining tables with family and friends.  But don’t forget admidst the family stories, laughter and fun, piles of dishes and tired feet, today is really about giving thanks.  It is a day set aside each year to not only remember but also celebrate the blessings that have fallen on each of us and graced our lives.  Be grateful and thankful today, and tell those you love why you are feeling so.  It is ever so important to remember and share, especially for the young ones in your gathering, what we each have been blessed with that evokes our gratitude.

As your Two Chums have noted often, “Gratitude is riches”. We are wishing you all a day filled with love, joy and the abundance of riches that comes from being grateful 🙂

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