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Chums Choices

It is probably no secret that your Two Chums thoroughly enjoy shopping.  We especially love finding great deals or hard to find items.  From time to time when we run across some great products, we love to be able to share them with you our chums.  We thought it might be fun to expand the category of posts here on Two Chums that we call Chums Choices to bring  you some our favorite finds.  So this week we will give you a new favorite find each day and then will be sprinkling them in as we come across them on a regular basis.  Today we have a really fun find that would make a wonderful gift for your special Valentine, or as a fun birthday, anniversary, or Mothers Day or Fathers Day gift.

We all love having a great photo framed or put onto an item that allows us to enjoy it all the time.  But with busy schedules, and sometimes complex directions on how to get those photos to the companies that can frame our favorite photos or turn them into usable items, our favorite photos often end up just sitting on our phones.

Here we have the easiest option we can imagine for turning that special photo into a special item for your office or home.  

This could make giving a special someone a special Valentine easier than you could have imagined!

There are a number of items and options available from this company.  We know there are a lot of companies who offer similar items BUT we don’t know of any who make it any easier than this.  Here is what you do:

  1. Click on a photo in the photo library of your phone.
  2. Click on the icon that allows you to text or email a photo (On the iPhone this is on the lower left corner and looks like this:
  3. Now simply e-mail your photo to:

Within a minute you will receive back an email with the various options for how your photo can be incorporated into various items to buy for yourself or give as a special gift.  This just simply couldn’t be any easier, even if you are someone who is “technologically challenged”!  Even YOU can do this we promise.  There is no “uploading” or “downloading” of files or photos and no confusion about what something might look like when it actually arrives.  You will see your photo and how it will look BEFORE you place your order.

So give this a try…the heart shaped frame will be a perfect Valentine surprise for someone you love.  And stay tuned for some other favorite finds that are real Chums Choices all week 🙂




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