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Edible Roses

Who says a healthy breakfast can’t also be beautiful too?  We came across a photo of a rose made from strawberries and wanted to see how hard (or easy) it would be to replicate.  Turns out it is very easy and we think, equally beautiful.  We made ours on zucchini bread spread with raw almond butter, but you can use any bread you like and use peanut butter or Nutella or any nut butter you like.

Here is a photo diagram of how to make these strawberry roses:


Start by thinly slicing 4 strawberries.  You will not necessarily use every slice but this will give you some choice of slices.  Use a paring knife to make your slices as thin as possible but still have them hold together.


Fold a small slice in half.  This will serve as the center of your rose. Next wrap another slice around the first slice.


Wrap a third slice on the other side of the first slice.


Add a fourth slice varying the placement so that it simulates the petals of a rose.


Place this “rose center”  in the center of your bread.
Continue adding slices one at a time circling the center of your “rose”
and continuing to vary their placement.


Add slices until your rose is the size you want.  Tip the edges of each slice towards the outside edges of your bread so that your strawberry slices look like a rose that is opening up.


Add mint leaves and there you have it…. a breakfast that is healthy AND beautiful.

This isn’t something that you will probably make everyday, but in about 5 minutes, and with only a few ingredients, you can make a special occasion even more special, or make the start of an ordinary day feel like a special one for someone you love.

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