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Do YOU Like Fruitcake?


Having grown up in England, I happen to LOVE fruitcake!

I realize that not everyone loves fruitcake the way I love fruitcake but I feel that a lot of people must love it as Costco sells it!  When Costco sells something, year after year, you can be sure that it is a popular item.

As I mentioned, being in England for all of those years, I got to love it.  Any wedding that you attend in England, more often than not, at least part of the wedding cake will be fruitcake with marzipan on the top between the icing and the cake.  The English love their fruitcake and many people spend months building their Christmas fruitcake along with their Christmas pud!

If you do not want to make your own and have a hankering for fruitcake, I have found that the best one is one that Neiman Marcus does.  It is really moist with nice big chunks of fruit in it – yum!

Try it …….you may love it like I do!






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  1. Wendy #

    Glad you posted this subject. I have found a recipe for fruitcake that I thought I would make, but the directions say it should keep a year before it is eaten. Is this true? Here I don’t believe it would last and would mold. Any thoughts?

    November 20, 2013
    • Two Chums #

      I know that people do make their fruitcakes L-O-N-G in advance and keep them for a long time. I think you should try it. I have had fruitcake keep for a very long time – nine months, maybe. Why don’t you make it in June and then have it for Christmas, 2014? That would ensure that it would still be “good” i.e. not moldy! Much love.

      November 21, 2013
  2. Richard Horner #

    I also love it, Jackie, & I love your special hard sauce over it. But I’m also particularly fond of HARRY & DAVID fruitcake. I never turn down fruitcake. It’s like “Dancing with the Stars”: once you’ve had it, you’re hooked forever!

    November 20, 2013
    • Two Chums #

      Right there with you, Dick!

      November 21, 2013

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