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Did You Know? – Boxing Day

For some, Boxing Day refers to the day after Christmas when things get “boxed up”.  But did you know there is another meaning and purpose to the day that pertains to us all?  In England, and other parts of Great Britain and Europe, Boxing Day is the day that gifts and money are “boxed up” and given to those who throughout the year perform a service to others.  The wealthy have servants who work on Christmas to serve their employers and their employer’s families.  They are given the day after Christmas off to spend with their own families. And, they are offered a “box” of gifts and cash as a show of gratitude from employer to employee.

In the end, Boxing Day is actually about expressing gratitude, and appreciation.  You don’t have to be an employer or offer gifts and cash to do that.  Gratitude and appreciation are gifts that are rare, and seeing, or hearing them actually expressed is even more rare.

This means that each of us has an opportunity today ( and everyday) to be among the happy few who remember to appreciate those who serve or help us in any way.  The checker at the grocery store, the repair person who works you into an already tight schedule, the babysitter who looks after your children, the garbage collector, the gardener, your spouse and your children…virtually anyone and everyone can and should be, appreciated.  Boxing Day is just the formal day set aside for the expression of gratitude.

So you have a big job today.  Get serious and creative, and find a way to thank each and every person you come in contact with, either by phone, or by mail, or most certainly ,those you actually see.  Gratitude, (as we so often say) is riches!   That being true, you have the opportunity to become the wealthiest person you know!

Here’s to great riches…those achieved through expressing great gratitude!



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