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Dear Chums – R.S.V.P. Etiquette

Dear Chums

“Dear Chums,

I am having a shower for a friend’s daughter and have sent out the invitations.  I did put RSVP on the invitation but have not heard from many of the invitees.”

“Is it OK to call them?

A nervous hostess”

Dear Nervous Hostess,

Absolutely!  By all means, you should call anyone who has not responded and just let them know that you are calling to make sure they received the invitation.  Certainly, the USPS sometimes does not get things where they are supposed to go and so, in that case, your ‘phone call will be much appreciated.  You can then chat about whether they are able to attend your fun gathering.

We definitely prefer to put RSVP on an invitation and not “regrets only”.  When you put “regrets only”, you really have no idea whether everyone received the invitation.

Spread love, spread joy – what abundance!





PS  When you are on the receiving end of an invitation, reply as soon as you know whether you are able to attend.




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  1. Richard Horner #

    Hello my dear Ladies of Class!

    I totally agree with view take on RSVP. And I always send a response IMMEDIATELY to let the host know that I can, or cannot, attend. Frankly, if I didn’t respond and the hostess had to call me to ask me, I’d feel a wee bit embarrassed that I didn’t respond.

    So, when does King George and his royal parents come to The US for a nice holiday? We want some of that joyous playfulness here too.

    May 6, 2014
    • Two Chums #

      We agree! We would like the Royals to do a US tour but the US is not part of the Commonwealth so we are sure that they will not make a trip as they did to Australia and New Zealand. Maybe to Canada – is that close enough?

      May 6, 2014

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