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Dad, Daddy, Father, Papa, Pop

dad-daughter-130613No matter what you call him, today is his day.  Whether you are a father, are married to a father, or havea father (living or gone), we encourage you celebrate with gusto today!

Three quarters of fathers say they feel responsible for their child’s well being, but that is rarely reflected in the media.  The son of an old chum produced this one minute film entitled “Calls For Dad” for Dove.  We don’t care if it was meant to sell a product, no matter who you are, this sweet reminder of that all important role a dad plays will make you smile.

If you haven’t already done it today, tell the important men in your life how special they are.  They contribute in so many ways to lives filled with love, joy and abundant living.  Happy Father’s Day !


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  1. Wendy #

    What a lovely film! it is hard to celebrate without a father only his memories.

    June 15, 2014
  2. Richard Horner #

    What a very touching video. It almost makes me want to buy Dove, but I won’t.
    I have such wonderful memories of my own dad who passed on when I was 19. What a wonderful and kind and generous man Jack was. I learned many, many things from him in our short life together. He loved everyone and was greatly loved by everyone.

    Thank you for posting this.

    June 15, 2014

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