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Crackers – Christmas Crackers At That!

We feel sure that at least a few of you had Christmas crackers at your table on Monday.  

A traditional British happening, Christmas crackers are added to each place at the Christmas table.  Once everyone is seated, the crackers are “pulled” with one person on either end and, after a “crack”, out come a paper crown, a riddle and a toy or game.  Everyone dons their crown and proceeds to share their riddle and play with or swap their toys.

Apparently, in the mid-1800’s a chap named Tom Smith noticed something called “bon bons” in France….an almond wrapped with paper with each end twisted shut.  He came back to England and, being a sweet maker himself, tried marketing these there.  Alas, they did not sell.

He persevered.  He added the “crack” and we ended up with what we now call Christmas crackers.

Quite honestly, in our homes, Christmas would not be Christmas without crackers.  If you did not have them this year, don’t forget to pick some up next year.   They really do add to the festivity.

More joy, for sure!




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