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May Day Is On It’s Way

Only 3 more days until May! What better way to celebrate than with a floral wreath for your hair.  In Medieval times these wreaths were called flower crowns.  They are sometimes referred to as fairy rings.  The Hawaiians call them haku leis.   Read more

Savvy Secrets

Don’t have too much time for ironing?  Apparently, this is going to help you. Read more

Out, Damn’d Spot!

If we listen to Macbeth, it sounds as though Shakespeare knew a lot about laundry.   Read more

Find The Good

Just a gentle reminder… Read more

Night Night. Sleep Tight. Keep Your Hair Right.

You know how sometimes you go to bed at night and you feel your hair looks perfect and worry about what a night’s sleep will do to it? Read more

For Children Of All Ages

We feel sure you will hold onto these wonderful quotes which were shared by Encurious.

Read more

Savvy Secrets – A Cleaner Tub

Everyone loves a clean tub.  But let’s face it…not everyone loves cleaning that tub!  Today we have a great way to get that sparkling clean bathtub in the easiest imaginable way.  A chum shared this savvy secret with us and we are happy to pass it along.  With just 2 simple ingredients, and little to no scrubbing, you can have the cleanest tub around.

Here is this amazing savvy secret to getting the cleanest tub around:

Here’s to clean bathrooms and the joy they bring…not to mention that sense of abundant living 🙂

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

Lay-zEh leh bAwn taw rOO-leh!  Today is the day!  Yes, today IS the day! Read more

Words, words!

Who doesn’t love and need inspiration?  We know we do! Read more

Old Is New Again

With a few dollars, a little “elbow grease”, and a can of paint, you can transform a thrift store find into a treasure.   Read more

No Matter What Your Age, You Can Walk The Runway!

                                                (Photo: Kay-Paris Fernandes/Getty Images)

One would never think that an eighty-five year old woman would still be walking the runway but Carmen Dell’Orefice proved differently this week! Read more

Red Lipstick?

If you are anything like your Two Chums, you enjoy wearing red lipstick every so often. Read more

Do You Speak English In The Kitchen?

As you may know, if you have been around Two Chums for any length of time, though born Canadian, Jackie lived a good part of her younger life in England and often uses “British” English.  I on the other hand, am a product of the stars and stripes form of English. So though we both speak English, there are terms, especially kitchen terms…or cookery terms, that need interpretation.  If you happen to own a British cookbook or read any British food magazines, knowing the vernacular can be helpful.  If you don’t, knowing it can just be fun! Read more

Beginning Sweetly!


No, this is not a reversal of yesterday’s Sweet Beginnings post.  It is simply a bit of a play on words. Read more

Did You Know? – Never On Sunday

Did You Know?
When January 1st falls on a Sunday… Read more

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

soldiers-christmasWhat do Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Kelly Clarkson all have in common?   Read more

Christmas Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

You know how much we love and today, we found these very fun facts about Christmas.  A bit of Christmas Trivia around the holidays makes for a lot of fun. Read more

Don’t Forget The Gold and Silver


Oh golly!  It is that time of the year again!  We know we have mentioned this before but this bears repeating! Read more

A Little Bit of History


Gouverneur Morris may not have been the most interesting man in the world, but he was the most interesting Founding Father that you probably never have heard of.   Read more

Favorite Things – Christmas Tree Waterer


Whether you like to put your tree up early and have it up for a long time or you like to wait until closer to Christmas day, either way, your tree needs to be watered and needs to be watered often! Read more

Giving Thanks

420-thanksgiving-table-conversation-starters-family-friends-imgcache-rev1320424998051Today, on this national holiday, we eat turkey and yummy pies and sit around our dining tables with family and friends.  But don’t forget admidst the family stories, laughter and fun, piles of dishes and tired feet, today is really about giving thanks.   Read more

Jazz It Up!

This is a really simple, super fun way to jazz up your bedroom! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Laundry Day

Savvy secrets photoIn days gone by, Monday was commonly “laundry day” for homemakers who had a different day for each household task.  Back then we didn’t have all the conveniences we now have so doing laundry could be an all day event. Today we have a chart with quick clean up ideas for any stain you might encounter. Or in today’s terms, we have some really helpful laundry hacks. Read more

Last Stop – The White House


Certainly, the outside of The White House is a very recognizable building but the private part of the residence is kept private. Read more

Encouraging Words

flying-pigeon-on-skyWe can all use a word of wisdom or encouragement from time to time.  Some of us need them more often than others. We all go through seasons where we just need a good reminder that things will work out.  Today we have just that sort of encouragement for you.   Read more

Savvy Secrets – Travel Well

Savvy secrets photo

Well, we are sure that we can all use tips to help us travel well.  Here, we have some for you which have been shared by various airline personnel who obviously do it all the time.   Read more

Savvy Secrets – Cornstarch 2

Savvy secrets photoWe gave you a cornstarch savvy secret recently for untangling things that have become knotted. Today we have another installment in our cornstarch savvy secrets 🙂 Read more

Savvy Secrets – Sprucing It Up!

Savvy secrets photo

If you are planning on doing some “sprucing up” this season, we have a couple of things we would like to point out.  Read more

“Eat The Frogs First”


“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” – Mark Twain Read more

(Drum Roll) Saaavvy Secrets!

Savvy secrets photo
Yes, you’ve got ’em!  Some great Savvy Secrets, thanks to Philipp Jahner of Buzz-Feed-Redaktion. Read more

Color, Color, Color


Thinking about sprucing your home up for the holidays?  It is never too early, as you well know! Read more

Are You Mentally Strong?


What do you think makes you mentally strong?  Travis Bradbury, a contributor to Forbes magazine, shares this with us. Read more

Well Done! Rejoicing In The Good!

Well done
As you know, your Two Chums absolutely LOVE sharing the good.  That’s why we are re-printing this wonderful post by Rebecca Gruber. 

Read more

Donut Anyone?

The weekend is upon us.  What could be better to celebrate it than a hot, delicious, homemade donut?!!!!   Read more

Three Traits For Success


According to Mark Zuckerburg, the well-known Founder of Facebook there are three traits that he sees in the most successful entrepreneurs who make it to the top. Read more

Yes, More Savvy Secrets!

Savvy secrets photo

We found these really great Savvy Secrets (they call them “home hacks”), that American Home Shield shares and we just HAD to share them with you!

Read more

Savvy Secrets – Coffee Grounds

Savvy secrets photo

Yes, a second set of Savvy Secrets this week but we never get tired of sharing helpful secrets!  Look what we found out! Read more

Going For The Gold – Overcoming Handicaps


The Olympics is always a time of joy!   Seeing the best of the best, putting forth their best, to be recognized as the best, is always heartwarming. Read more

Savvy Secrets From The Experts

Savvy secrets photo

Who better than the experts?   Thanks to Trending Moms, here are some “clever cleaning tricks”. Read more

Baked Broccoli Carrot Crisps

BakedBroccoliCrisps-e14074213486061 (1)
Need/want a truly tasty and healthy side dish?  Broccoli Carrot Crisps are calling you!   Read more

Take A Walk

One of the lovely childhood memories of summer, is walking barefoot in the grass or in the sand at the seashore. Read more

Simple Supper – Spaghetti’s Easy Sauce

IMG_5553Who doesn’t love a bowl of simple pasta with simple sauce?   Read more

A Treat For Fairies – Strawberry Toadstools

IMG_1699Don’t you think little fairies having a tea party in the back garden deserve a special treat? So do we! 🙂 Read more

Wrap It Up

IMG_4434If you know anything about Two Chums, you know we love a well wrapped, pretty package 🙂   Read more

What On Earth Does GOP Stand For?


With the Republican National Convention being center stage this week, our thought rested on, “How did the letters ‘GOP’ come into being?” Read more

Keep On Pressing On

Read more



What do you think, chums?  Can we do this? Read more

It’s Never Too Late

If you are old enough to read this post, chances are you know this man.  But do you know his story? Read more

L’esprit Français

(Iconic French actress Brigitte Bardot)
Today is Bastille Day in France.  So as a tribute to our French chums we thought we would acknowledge one of the many things the French are oh so good at….their sense of personal style!
Read more

Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

We love sharing these “Savvy Secrets” with you.  There is just ONE this time but a really great ONE! Read more

Savvy Secrets – A Quick Change

Savvy secrets photo

Need to make a change quickly (and very easily) to your look? Read more

Well Done – Aid In Orlando

12124337_1465879315.4418_updatesAmericans were shocked to awake to the news Sunday of yet another horrific terror attack in Orlando.  In the midst of the grief, anger, frustration, and the loud opinions being offered on all sides about what should be done moving forward to prevent further attacks, there were those who quietly went about helping without loud fanfare.   Read more

Flag Day


Today is Flag Day in the United States!  We found some fun facts about this very recognizable flag that we think you will enjoy. Read more

Only Love


Well Done – Celebrating Black Music Month

In June of 1979, then President Jimmy Carter decreed that June would be Black Music Month.   Read more

Be Happy! That Is A Charge!


What is happiness anyway?  And where does it come from?  Other people? Read more

Savvy Secrets For A Beautiful Home

Savvy secrets photo
House Beautiful magazine asked the country’s top interior designers for their best tips in decorating.  We have 25 of those tips (or savvy secrets as we call them)  for you today 🙂   Read more

Laughter Is The Best Medicine


We have heard that laughter relaxes the whole body.  A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxes for up to 45 minutes after.  So, here are some quotes from Sir Winston Churchill who had a great sense of humor: Read more

Savvy Secret – The Walnut

Savvy secrets photoWe’ll bet you may have never tried this amazing use of a walnut!   Read more

Honoring Mothers

13118930_10153980818530901_6200248778532117149_n (1)Today, May 10, happens to be Mother’s Day in Mexico.  This past Sunday, the second Sunday of the month, we celebrated Mother’s Day here in America.  Regardless of the date set aside, we think mothers should be celebrated everyday 🙂 Read more

Savvy Secrets – A Potpourri!

Savvy secrets photo

We know that you always love our Savvy Secrets so here are a few from LifeMix.Today to keep you going this week! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Paper Clips

FN0ZNR1GU1I4DYR.MEDIUMIt’s tax day, at least here in America.  So unless you have a big refund coming you might be in the market for some clever ways that don’t cost you much, if anything, to make your life a little easier.  We found some for you 🙂   Read more

Keep On Dancin’!


The tradition was started at a high school in Regina, Saskatchewan by an English teacher 28 years ago.

Read more

A Very Savvy Secret

Savvy secrets photoHave you ever struggled to put on a bracelet that is a chain that just keeps slipping off your wrist as you attempt to latch the clasp?   Read more

A Must Read For Girls!

heart cookie -5

For those of you with daughters or grand daughters…. Read more

Well Done!

Read more

Mini Fruit Pies Made Easy

MasonJarLidPiesHeader-750x364We came across this simple and smart way to make up a batch of some mini fruit pies using mason jar lids.  These would be perfect for your next get together or maybe just for your family to enjoy this weekend.   Read more

Teach Your Children Well – 6

Version 2In order to teach our children anything, they have to first know how much we love them.   Read more

“Tie” Dyeing Your Eggs

There are all kinds of ways to color or decorate Easter eggs.  The one we have for you today was the top Easter egg decorating segment of all time on the Martha Stewart show.  This method came from the great grandmother of one of Martha Stewarts staff members. Read more

Label It

DSCN8722It may not be Spring quite yet but it is coming VERY soon!  So we thought we would give you something to help you organize and get a jump on Spring cleaning 🙂 Read more

The Star-Spangled Banner


The Star-Spangled Banner is simply a part of the United States’ tapestry.  BUT, Read more

All Tied Up

scarfThere are more ways to tie a scarf than you may ever have realized! Read more

The Fashion Schlub

fashion-schlub-plus-size-fashion-blog-1We all have those days when we feel out of sink with ourselves.  Those days (or sometimes weeks or even whole lives) where we feel frumpy and fat and just don’t like how we look in anything. Read more

Savvy Secrets For Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Savvy secrets photo

Lauren Smith for Good Housekeeping came up with these ten really helpful ideas for keeping your kitchen in a tidy, clean state. Read more

Happy Teenagers

teen1_zps9850f1c1To some this will sound like an oxymoron.  It doesn’t have to be.  In fact it shouldn’t be.  But teen years can be very challenging for parents.  Just how can you raise happy teenagers?  We found some GREAT advice! Read more

Celebrating The Positive


Is this being Pollyanna? Read more

Going To College – Well Done!

160210110737-kids-group-rio-vista-elementary-780x439It is a huge gift for anyone to help someone they know to pay for college, but what about when someone decides to work a little longer to pay for a whole class of children he doesn’t even know to go to college?   Read more

Keep Your Cakes “Light”

Blush-rose-cake-e1367375566256Are you planning to make  Valentine’s Day cake and have dark cake pans that seem to make the outside of your layer cakes darker than you would like? Read more

Hair Dryer Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

Holy smokes!  Look at what Bob Vila of Yahoo has shared!  All of the ways we can use our hair dryer (beyond the obvious). Read more

Out With The Old…In With The New

Savvy secrets photo

Thinking about making some interior decorating changes?   Read more

Little Free Library

Little Free Libraries are popping up all over.  The Wall Street Journal proclaims, “Little Free Library is a Global Sensation!” Read more

Start Your New Year Clean With Savvy Secrets!

Savvy secrets photo

Thanks to, we have some great Savvy Secrets for you – all about keeping clean! Read more

Start Your Year With, You Guessed It……Gratitude!


As you no doubt know, your Two Chums feel that the expression of gratitude in life ……. Read more

Start Your New Year By Helping


Tippi Hedren in 1966. (Photo: Getty Images)

Your Two Chums always love to share a good piece that they find in the news and this one is no exception!  Certainly, this lady, Tippi Hedren, helped many many! Read more



Your Two Chums are reminded of the importance of “sparkle”. Read more

Meringues Will Be Here Very Shortly!

Stay tuned, our dear chums!  The meringue mushrooms are waiting to be published.  They should be up very shortly!

Napkin “Trees”

FR9G9S2I3THE9GP.MEDIUMHere is a really fun way to take an ordinary napkin and fold it into a “tree” for your Christmas table. Read more

Savvy Secrets – Holiday Decorating

Savvy secrets photo

Oh my gosh – we found these wonderful, what we call, “Savvy Secrets” from Jenny Chang on Buzz Feed and just HAD to share them with you. Read more

A Twist On Leftovers

5a420e31-67c5-4e78-ab82-de08921ae58fThere will be football all weekend and no doubt leftover turkey.  Here’s a”twist” on how to serve what’s left of that Thanksgiving bird 🙂 Read more

A Culmination of Gratitude


“Thank you” in sign language

For those of you who have been following us for a long time, you know how very important we feel gratitude is …. and… Read more

What Joy!


We absolutely LOVE sharing stories of joy and this is one that is full to the brim with JOY! Read more

Going As A Group?

f773aeb3d6db5f8e5457f51f2a28df40What better way to dress up for Halloween than going as a group? Read more

Halloween Party Planning


Are you having a Halloween party and need some extra fun things to do? Read more

Inspirational Friday


The lightbulb went on and lit up the whole room! Read more

The Countdown Begins!


These seven girls have gone through a grueling exercise over the past few months and have ended up being the pick of the crop! Read more

Sprucing Up For The Holidays!

On seeing this DIY post from Tess Panser and Yahoo, your Two Chums were reminded of a time when one of our daughters was getting married and we could not find the right colored shoes to match the bridesmaids outfits. Read more

The Goblins Are Coming!

1264238_430217010428143_525279733_oHalloween is just around the corner.  We’ve found some fun ideas, both for decorating and for food at your Halloween celebration 🙂 Read more

Well Done!


Martin Passeri, a champion surfer in Argentina and beyond, has a huge heart!   To him, we say, “Well done” Read more

Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

A special Savvy Secret EVERYONE can use!
Read more

Savvy Secrets – Aluminum Foil

Savvy secrets photo

Silver paper is a “must have” in your home….look at all the ways, besides the usual ones, in which you can use it!

Read more

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