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Racial Reconciliation Cheesecake

This cheesecake, you may take notice, is black and white.  Both black and white are enjoyable by themselves, yet together, these elements create an even sweeter and more satisfying experience than either of them could produce alone.   Read more

Stories From Windsor Castle

If you have been around Two Chums for any time at all you know our love for all things royal.  We enjoy everything about the royal family….their events, their fashion, and of course their homes.  This Sunday, August 13th,  a special 4 part series will begin about one of the most beloved of royal residences… Windsor Castle.   Read more

May Flowers

“April showers bring May flowers. But what do May flowers bring?”  If you are in elementary school your answer to this riddle is supposed to be “Pilgrims!”  But we would say that  May flowers, like those pictured here, will bring nothing short of delight and joy to the one who receives them 🙂 Read more

The Language Of Flowers

Flowers have had meaning attributed to them for thousands of years. But in Victorian times, the language of flowers found a special meaning.   Read more

Centerpiece “How-To’s”


1 (2)Flowers aren’t the only option for your Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Read more

May Flowers

large red topiaryWe all know the saying…April showers bring May flowers.  Today we want to share with you, our chums, some flowers that not only “bloom” in May but can be yours any time and all year long:-) Read more

Pumpkins At The Center

How about using a pumpkin as your Thanksgiving table centerpiece?  Here are some fun ways to use them 🙂 Read more

The “Other” Rose Bowl

Know someone who is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, a job well done or who is under the weather and could use a bit of joy?  A simple and simply beautiful arrangement of roses is always a welcome gift. Read more

The Graciousness of an Orchid

Your Two Chums really do love to have fresh flowers around, either those cut from the garden or bought at the Flower Market or grocery store.  Obviously, a plant lasts much longer than cut flowers and a favorite of ours is the orchid. Read more

Every Table Needs One!

A dining room table always needs a centerpiece! This might be as simple as a potted plant or a bowl of lemons or as elaborate as a beautifully arranged floral arrangement but, whatever the occasion, the table needs the focal point of a pretty aesthetic. Read more

That’s Right ~ Carnations!

I, along with a lot of other people, used to poo poo carnations.  What, carnations for a dinner party centerpiece?  Are you crazy?   Carnations are only used for funerals because they are hearty and last a long time! Read more

Roses Are Red

{Photos by Two Chums)

Why red roses for love?  As the story has it, the red rose was the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and, since then, the red rose has been associated with lovers.  The tradition lives on.  From timeless pieces of art and classical poetry to modern day music and media, red roses are seen depicting the message of love.

For most people, red roses simply mean “I love you” and that is why, in the United States, one hundred and ten million roses, the majority being red, will be sold and delivered within the three-day time period around Valentine’s Day.  Amazing!

Robin and I do most of our flower shopping at the Los Angeles Flower Market in downtown Los Angeles. Read more

Cake Pops

When it comes to birthday celebrations, nothing seems more fun than pretty cake pops! Read more

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