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Favorite Things – Mascara

Here is another one of our “finds”. Read more

Savvy Secrets – Marking Your Territory

If you are like most households these days, you have many power cords for your tech devices all about your home.  Between phones, tablets, computers, and game devices, etc. it can be hard to tell which charger belongs to whom.  So today we have an idea for you to keep it all straight and this solution isn’t just limited to power cords 🙂   Read more

Uplifting -Chums Choices

If you have pierced ears, or have a loved one who does, today’s post is for you.   Read more

Broaden Your View – Chums Choices

If you have ever tried to take a group shot with your phone or tablet you know it can be difficult to get everyone in without losing those on the edges of the photo or taking the photo from such a distance you can’t really even tell who is in the photo.  If you’re trying to take a group “selfie” it can be even harder. Read more

Eye Makeup Remover – Chums Choices

Whilst this eye makeup remover is not inexpensive, it really is the very best and does the very best job! Read more

Long Lasting Lipstick – Chums Choices

Your Two Chums have found another long lasting lip color that we feel sure you are going to love.  We strongly suggest that you go into Target or your favorite drugstore to look at the colors as online, it is difficult to tell what color is what. Read more

Chums Choices

It is probably no secret that your Two Chums thoroughly enjoy shopping.  We especially love finding great deals or hard to find items.  From time to time when we run across some great products, we love to be able to share them with you our chums.  We thought it might be fun to expand the category of posts here on Two Chums that we call Chums Choices to bring  you some our favorite finds.  So this week we will give you a new favorite find each day and then will be sprinkling them in as we come across them on a regular basis.   Read more

Victoria – Season 2

If you spend any time with us at Two Chums your know we have a great fondness for the British royals…current and past.   Read more

Did You Know? – Boxing Day

For some, Boxing Day refers to the day after Christmas when things get “boxed up”.  But did you know there is another meaning and purpose to the day that pertains to us all?   Read more

Savvy Secrets – Some Fun Stocking Stuffers!

Ah yes!  Some great Savvy Secrets! Read more

The Orient Express

The remake of an old movie has just come out called, “Murder On The Orient Express”.   Read more

Savvy Secrets

Yes!  Some Savvy Secrets! Read more

At The Center

Do we have an amazing centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table for you?   Read more

A Few Last Minute Costume Ideas

Well, here we are the day before Halloween.  Golly, where did the time go? Read more

Pumpkins In Plaid

Who says Halloween pumpkins have to have scary or funny faces?  We have another idea 🙂   Read more

A Single Savvy Secret – One You Will LOVE!

We found this most amazing way of keeping you shoes organized. Read more

True Blue

Did you ever wonder where the saying “true blue” comes from?   Read more

Paint Your Pumpkin

The simple pumpkin is one of the cheapest, easiest, and most readily available elements for decorating this Fall season.  There is just something so festive and pleasant about seeing home after home with pretty orange pumpkins in all kinds of shapes and sizes adorning walkways and porches.  But not everyone is a fan of pumpkin’s common orange color for decorating inside their homes.  There is a simple, easy, fun and cheap remedy for that decorating challenge….PAINT YOUR PUMPKIN!   Read more

Savvy Secrets

Yes, it’s time for Saaaaavvy Secrets! Read more

Make Mine A Watercolor

When we find something fun we always want to share it.  And what better place to share than right here with all of you, our chums 🙂 Read more

Stories From Windsor Castle

If you have been around Two Chums for any time at all you know our love for all things royal.  We enjoy everything about the royal family….their events, their fashion, and of course their homes.  This Sunday, August 13th,  a special 4 part series will begin about one of the most beloved of royal residences… Windsor Castle.   Read more

A Touch of Gold!

Sometimes all we need to brighten something up is a touch of gold.   Read more

Smart Packing

If you have travel plans for this summer, we have a tip for you to make your packing and unpacking a snap!

Read more

In Good Company

You might be thinking of changing your hairstyle this summer.  If so, you will be in very good company.  Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, just changed hers too 🙂   Read more

Sugared Lemons – Savvy Secret

This may not be what you think it is 🙂  If you thought this lemon was part of a drinking ritual or some kind of bug repellent or a substitute for cleanser, you guessed wrongly. Read more

New Jersey was The Place!

Eighty-four years ago today Camden, New Jersey shot to fame. Read more

What To Eat

No matter where you are headed this summer for your vacation, you can find some delicious food.  And we can help!   Read more

Teacher Appreciation

The end of the school year is fast approaching.  Children will say goodbye to their classmates and their teachers. Telling those teachers “thank you” and letting them know how very appreciated they are for all they have done should never be overlooked.  Your words and small tokens of appreciation can mean more than you might realize to those women and men who help to shape our children’s world and even their futures.  But sometimes finding the right words or small gift to give as a token of your appreciation can be hard.  So today we have a few suggestions for you 🙂 Read more

It’s Slime Time

Unless you have children or grandchildren, or have been in a craft store recently, you may not know what the latest craze is with kids…’s SLIME 🙂  Read more

The Luck Of The

The Luck of the Irish 
is a popular phrase, as well as the title of a 1948 film.  It happens to be one we have not yet seen but now will make it a point to see.  Here’s why….   Read more

A Good Laugh – It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True!

There is little that is better for you, in a whole variety of ways, than a really good laugh.   A good laugh makes you feel better, boosts your immune system, exercises your stomach muscles, and brightens your spirits.  And if what makes you laugh actually happened to someone…well prepare to have a really good belly laugh.  As Homer Simpson says “It’s funny cause it’s true!”  Today, we have a doozy of a story for you 🙂 Read more

Well Done – Portraits Of Courage

When people retire, going from being very engaged and busy with an active full life, to suddenly having no where you have to be and nothing you have to do can be a big shock.  So retired people often travel, play golf, spend time with grandchildren, or take up a hobby.  Taking up a “hobby” is precisely what the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, has done…he has taken up painting portraits.  And not just any portraits either.   Read more

Old Is New Again-Part 2

Last week we did a post about an old mid-century dresser, purchased at our local thrift store, that we painted and refinished.  One of the best features of that great old dresser was the hardware.   Read more


This past Sunday, a wonderful new mini series on the life and history of Queen Victoria, began on PBS.   Tomorrow we will witness our own history as the transfer of power from one administration, that of President Obama, to that of the President-elect, Donald Trump takes place at his inauguration.  What I was struck by in watching the first episode of Victoria, is that in every country, it seems, there is a period of adjustment as a new ruler comes to power. Read more

Savvy Secret -Sweet Smelling Laundry

This savvy secret is the easiest of ways to insure you will have clean, fresh sweet smelling laundry.  No matter what detergent you choose, or how often you use your washing machine, there can develop a musty or moldy smell.  It can cause your laundry to take on that smell.  But there is a simple solution to this. Read more

A Place For Her

Whether you want a craft area of your own, or a place to have tea with friends, or just a quiet spot away from dishes and laundry where you can sit and read, there is a place women can create for themselves that is the equivalent to the “man cave”.  It’s called….are you ready?….a “she shed” 🙂   Read more

More Savvy Secrets For Baking Soda

We have, over the years, given you many uses for baking soda.  Everything from cleaning to cooking, there are endless uses for baking soda.  Those uses include it being the main ingredient in the recipes for our homemade deodorant and toothpaste.  But today we have another place to use this common household item Read more

The Final Curtsy: A Royal Memoir by the Queen’s Cousin

51m8owt8ygl-_sx349_bo1204203200_ For those of our chums who love the Royals, we are reading a wonderful book at the moment.  It is called The Final Curtsy:  A Royal Memoir by the Queen’s Cousin and is written by none other than the Queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes.

Read more

What Is Your Choice?

calendar-1(Image from
As the end of 2016 approaches and the new year begins your Two Chums want you to know how much we appreciate your support.   Read more

Our Favorite Things – Salted Caramel Chocolates


As you know, every so often, especially around the Holidays, we love to do posts on “our favorite things”.  In thinking about this, we would be remiss if we did not put these on the list! Read more

Favorite Things – The Butter Bell

Inspired by Oprah, and her former shows around the holidays in which she would reveal to her television audience some of her favorite things, we intend to do the same with you, our chums, over the next weeks leading up to Christmas and Hanukkah. Read more

Unique Gift Ideas

holiday-shoppers-9717b1838721e37a                                                                                   (Photo from Associated Press)

It’s the busiest shopping day of the year today, otherwise known as “Black Friday”.  So we have some fun ideas for you today, for those folks who you think it might be difficult to buy gifts for this holiday season.   Read more

The Right Shoes

2dcff63500000578-3290524-the_elegant_dress_featured_a_crossover_chiffon_front_and_modest_-a-31_1445894409790A good pair of lovely shoes can take you lots of places.  Just ask the Duchess of Cambridge! Read more

Savvy Secret – Folding A T-shirt

Savvy secrets photoWe have seen this “trick” for easy folding before.  Maybe you have too.  But not like this.   Read more

A Good Laugh

We all know a good laugh is the very best thing to cure whatever ails you…or at least to give you some comic relief for a few minutes.   Read more

It’s A Shoe In!

s-l1600If you have been around Two Chums for any time at all you know that:
1. we love nice things and
2.we love a good deal!
We have a great find for you today 🙂   Read more

Fairies, Gnomes and Mermaids – Oh My!

img_3435 Halloween is right around the corner just a little over two short weeks away.  If you haven’t yet decided on a costume or what your little one will be for Halloween, we have some ideas for you 🙂 Read more

Savvy Secrets – “As Seen On TV”

Savvy secrets photo

We think that we have all seen those “As Seen on TV” items and have wondered how good they could be.   Read more

Savvy Secret – Cornstarch To The Rescue

Savvy secrets photoOne of our favorite things to post on Two Chums, is a really good Savvy Secret.  These helpful tidbits that come from a variety of sources….Facebook, Instagram, magazine articles and our favorite, our chums….make everyone’s lives a little easier and certainly more abundant.  We love the one we will share today! Read more

The Love Of Lavender

1388602.largeOur dear chum Jen, shared a wonderful article with us on the subject of lavender and some of the many uses you may not have known about.  It was just too good of an article not to pass it on to all our chums 🙂 Read more

Watermelons, Anyone?

Watermelons_0F88A4E7D8BB4We have, in the past, shared how we pick watermelons at the grocery store but we saw this great advice on Brightside and thought it might be really helpful to our chums. Read more

A Good Egg

IMG_5449We have attempted in the past to give you some ideas about the best way to boil an egg.  Now we actually have THE BEST way! Read more

Happy Organizing

organize-your-medicine-cabinetOne of the toughest places in our homes to organize and keep neat can be the medicine cabinet.  Maybe that’s because most of us use our medicine cabinets for storing so many other things besides medicine.  We’ve come across something that can help keep this little piece of real estate in our bathrooms tidy 🙂   Read more

Victoria Has A Secret To Keep The Mosquitos Away


A chum of ours came across a wonderful secret!  An eau de parfume at Victoria’s Secret. Read more

Washing Day Savvy Secrets

LaundryHacks11_550.jpg.rendition.largest.550In times gone by, Monday was designated as Wash Day.  No matter what day (or days) of the week you do laundry, here are some Savvy Secrets that may make this job easier 🙂 Read more

Savvy Secrets For A Beautiful Home

Savvy secrets photo
House Beautiful magazine asked the country’s top interior designers for their best tips in decorating.  We have 25 of those tips (or savvy secrets as we call them)  for you today 🙂   Read more

It’s A Shoe In

Shoes copyIf you are anything like we are, there may be nothing that you LOVE getting more than a great pair of beautiful  shoes!  Today we have some “hacks” for shoes.  If you aren’t familiar with the current popular definition of what a “hack” is, according to the urban dictionary, it is “a clever solution to a tricky problem.”  So here we go with some clever solutions to some possible problems, and great ideas for taking care of your shoes. Read more

The Jewish Pacifier

bagel2The Jews are responsible for so many good things.  They are great lawyers and wonderful doctors and generally very smart business people.  And they can make a mean pastrami or corned beef sandwich, or bowl of matzo ball soup.  Now we have yet one more thing to add to  the list of their greatest accomplishments.  The Jewish pacifier. Read more

Softer Side Of Play Dough

Need (or knead, pun intended) an activity to keep your little ones occupied this weekend?  We’ve got just the ticket!   Read more

Hang Them Up

black-and-white-photo-display-pottery-barnHanging things on your walls can be intimidating sometimes, especially when you have a number of things to hang.  But we found a guideline that we think can help.   Read more

Make Breakfast Fun Again

61S9vLYBfNL._SL1200_ (1)Breakfast.  Everyone agrees it is the most important meal of the day.  Why can’t it also be the most fun meal of the day too? Read more

Spring Cleaning For Your Locks

It isn’t just your home or office that can benefit from a good Spring cleaning.  Turns out so can your hair.   Read more

Savvy Secrets – Make It Icy!

Savvy secrets photo
Want a quick and easy way to make your skin look younger and firmer?  We’ve got that! Read more

Coffee Anyone?

6a2996b0a1a9aeb4b25d19ec114ed1bfFor many of us the day just can’t begin without a good cup of coffee.   Read more

Savvy Secrets – Paper Clips

FN0ZNR1GU1I4DYR.MEDIUMIt’s tax day, at least here in America.  So unless you have a big refund coming you might be in the market for some clever ways that don’t cost you much, if anything, to make your life a little easier.  We found some for you 🙂   Read more

What is a Superdelegate?


If you are anything like your Two Chums, you are wondering what, exactly, does the term “superdelegate” mean and how can these particular people influence an election. Read more

Little Blue Apples

Have you seen these before?  You may want to get some for yourself:-)   Read more

A Very Savvy Secret

Savvy secrets photoHave you ever struggled to put on a bracelet that is a chain that just keeps slipping off your wrist as you attempt to latch the clasp?   Read more

Simple Substitutions – Eggs

Eggs-2Ever had one of those times when you are ready to bake something and realize you are out of eggs?  Or maybe you would like to make something that calls for eggs but you, or a family member are allergic to eggs? We have a great substitution for you!   Read more

Leap Year!

leap-day-facts-calendar-paA complete orbit of the earth around the sun takes exactly 365.2422 days to complete, but the Gregorian calendar uses 365 days.  So leap seconds – and leap years – are added as a means of keeping our clocks (and calendars) in sync with the Earth and its seasons.

It happens every 4 years, but have you ever asked yourself why the extra day in those leap years falls in February? Read more

The Fashion Schlub

fashion-schlub-plus-size-fashion-blog-1We all have those days when we feel out of sink with ourselves.  Those days (or sometimes weeks or even whole lives) where we feel frumpy and fat and just don’t like how we look in anything. Read more

A Korean Glow

What do Korean women (and men) know about how to get and keep a healthy glow?   Read more

Savvy Secrets For Your Freezer?

Savvy secrets photoOur dear chum Jennifer, recently sent us a list of some unexpected ways to use your freezer. Your freezer has more ability to be of service to you than just keeping ice or ice cream frozen.   Read more

Fix It Or Trash It?

IMG_1148Do you have something broken you should throw away but can’t quite bring yourself to do it?   Read more

To Zoe – From Savannah

It is hard to have a friend move away…not a particularly happy time, but this event sparked a happy idea. Read more

When Life Gives You Lemons…

fresh lemons on a white background

Celebrate!  You have something really special on your hands…or in your kitchen.  We’ve got some uses for lemons you may never have known.   Read more

Radish Envy

Reviewing the list of health benefits and possible ways to enjoy the daikon radish, one might think it is the envy of the veggie world 🙂 Read more

Start Your New Year Soft

x354-q80Doesn’t everyone love the feel of a shirt that has been washed so many times that it feels soft and really comfy? Read more

Start Your New Year Clean!

There are products and remedies for every kind of laundry issue you can imagine.  We’ve got a simple chart to make getting, and staying,, clean in 2016, easy peasy! Read more

New Year – New Complexion

turmeric-skin-mask-2-300x227The new year is right around the corner. It never hurts to have something you can use at home to start the new year off with a brighter, healthier looking complexion 🙂 Read more

Favorite Things – Provocalips

hwthumb.aspThough we gave you a preview of this yesterday, today we want to tell you all about it 🙂 Read more

Favorite Things – Provocalips

hwthumb.aspWe rarely endorse a product, but we when we find a really great one, we just have to share it with our chums! Read more

Centerpiece “How-To’s”


1 (2)Flowers aren’t the only option for your Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Read more

Halloween Party Planning


Are you having a Halloween party and need some extra fun things to do? Read more

We Are Back To The Future

51ZHI6dGLCLIn 1989, in the hit film “Back To The Future II”, you may remember that Doc Brown and Marty McFly visited the future in October 21, 2015.  Most of us remember this iconic movie series.  We cheered for Marty and Doc and enjoyed the “crazy” gizmos they used and found in the future.  In two days it will be October 21, 2015 and we will all be “Back To The Future”.    Read more

The Common Made Uncommon – The Dishtowel

1 What could be more of a common household item than say…the dish towel?  But we have some ideas to use those common towels in new ways! Read more

No More White?

white-after-labor-dayIt’s Labor Day and traditionally that means it is time to put away your “whites”.   Read more

Calendar Girls

Our chum Sandy, shared a quote from the film Calendar Girls that we just had to share with all of you.  When you read it you will know why. Read more

Need Cooling Down?


There is a reason the Hawaiians choose to wear muumuus!   Read more

What’s In Your Freezer?

img_4455In these dog days of summer, we are all just thinking of ways to stay cool and refreshed.  Apparently, one of the favorite ways, (no wonder), Read more

Savvy Secrets – Epsom Salts

61HxeLTY7GL._SX522_We’ve got some great uses for this common household product…. Read more

Southern Kitchens

IMG_4628If you have been around Two  Chums for anytime at all you know that my family’s roots are from the South.  I didn’t realize growing up that I was being raised in a very Southern atmosphere where Southern culture permeated everything we did.  I didn’t know because my geographic upbringing was not in Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, or Louisiana where I currently have family living, or in Mississippi or Missouri where my children went to college, my physical home was in Southern California. Read more

The Wonders Of Watermelon

Why You Should Be Eating Watermelon EverydayThough most of us enjoy watermelon occasionally during the summer, we came across some reasons why you might want to think about including it in your diet daily. Read more

Little Known Facts About Buckingham Palace

Buckingham_Palace_2007_2-1Buckingham Palace has been in the news a lot lately as, apparently, there are a lot of renovations that need to take place in order to keep it safe and up to date. Did you know all of these facts?

Read more

Savvy Secret – Boost The Bounty

CLIMBING-ROSE  toccvines
Yesterday we shared the best way to store some of the bounty of summer.  Today we want to give all you gardeners out there a savvy secret to increase the bounty of summer. Read more

Royal “Green” – Juice That Is

Juice-Lean-Green-Machine-horizNow that summer is officially here, wouldn’t we all like to be healthy and slim?  Us Weekly recently reported that Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, has arranged to have green juice (juices made from leafy greens, fruits and vegetables), delivered to the mommy of two little ones, three times a week.  Green juices are the latest trend in healthy living. They give you a great big boost of vitamins and minerals, contribute to your daily vegetable servings, and keep you hydrated all at the same time. Knowing how fabulous she looks, our chum, Wendy, asked us if we could find out what is in that juice that Kate is drinking. Read more

Savvy Secrets – Fun With Napkins

812JQHTknQL._SL1500_We think cloth napkins are very underrated in the contribution they can make to any event or even to a simple table setting.  Today we’ve got some fun and creative ways, that you may not have seen, to use your cloth napkins at your next party or event. Read more

$$ For Spring Cleaning

garage-sale-2-1024x624 It could very well be time to have a yard sale before summer officially begins.  We have a list that was put together by the experts at Real Simple, of the items most in demand at yard sales.  Your welcome 🙂 Read more

Encore – Old Things – New Life

Have you ever thought about what your decorating style is?  Are you more French, English, or American in your tastes?  This Encore post from September 2012 will help you answer that question and is one of our most popular on Pinterest so we thought it worth repeating today 🙂 Read more

Tea Anyone?

Your Two Chums love nothing more than enjoying a good cup of tea with each other, whether at home or at a cozy tearoom.  One of our dear chums, Faith, who happens to live in Belgium, shared the delightful info about these wonderful tea rooms.  What could be better than a trip around the British Isles sipping tea and taking in the sights at these charming tea houses? Read more

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