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A Very Important Portrait

A supplied image obtained Saturday, 18, 2016. A photograph of the Queen and Prince Charles taken in May 2016 in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle, prior to the final night of The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations at the Royal Windsor Horse Pageant. The photo is being released by Clarence House to mark the end of the year of celebrations for The Queen's 90th birthday. (AAP Image/PA, Nick Knight) NEWS EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NO SALES, NO COMMERCIAL USE, NO BOOKS OR MERCHANDISING. NO MANIPULATION, OTHER THAN CROPPING. NOT FOR USE AFTER SUNDAY DECEMBER 25, 2016

Photograph taken by Nick Knight in May 2016 in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle.

Though a lovely photo, you might wonder why such a portrait would be deemed so important.  True it was taken as a part of the year long celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, but the signal this portrait allegedly sends is a big one for Prince Charles and for the British people.  There is a warmth and even sweetness that comes through in the way Charles is smiling down at his mother.  That may not always have been the case in recent years.  It has been widely reported that there was some strain between Prince Charles and his mother, the Queen, since the demise of his marriage to Diana and his open relationship and subsequent marriage to his longtime mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles.  There has even been talk and speculation that Her Majesty might pass over Charles and hand the crown off to his son, William, to be her successor.

While this is the most recently released photo of this famous duo it is only one of many, many taken throughout the years.




Three generations of the British Royal family - Queen Elizabeth II, her oldest son, the Prince of Wales, and his oldest son, Prince William - pose for a photograph Monday June 2, 2003, at Clarence House in London, before a dinner to mark the 50th anniversary of her Coronation. The Prince of Wales was hosting the meal at his new residence, formerly the London home of the 101-year-old Queen Mother, after a day of celebration which included a service at Westminster Abbey and a children's tea party in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. See PA story ROYAL Coronation Nightlead, PA Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth / WPA solo rota.

Three generations of the British Royal family – Queen Elizabeth II, her oldest son, the Prince of Wales, and his oldest son, Prince William Photo:Kirsty Wigglesworth

According to the British paper, Daily Mail, this most recent photo portrait is a very public declaration that all is well between this mother and son and that he will indeed be the next in line to take up the crown.  To quote the Daily Mail: “Royal successions have rarely gone to plan. The story behind this photograph, beautifully lit, of Charles smiling benignly on his mother suggests — that for all the frustrations of his life and their differences — this might just be a smooth one.
And for that reason alone, this is an important picture.”

We think it is an important picture too.  There is a truly warm moment that was captured between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles in this photo.  They may be the current head, and future heir, to the British throne, but they are also (and first) a mother and her son.  That is what makes this such a significant photo and one every mother, and every adult child can appreciate.  It is a photo full of love, joy and the reflection of two very abundant lives.




P.S. Please note that where possible we have given credit to those individuals who took these photos.  We appreciate the Royal family releasing them, for all of us to enjoy.

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