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A Place For Her

Whether you want a craft area of your own, or a place to have tea with friends, or just a quiet spot away from dishes and laundry where you can sit and read, there is a place women can create for themselves that is the equivalent to the “man cave”.  It’s called….are you ready?….a “she shed” 🙂  We found a number of examples from Better Homes and Gardens that just might serve to inspire you or trigger your imagination of what you could create out of that gazebo area you never use, or the tool shed that isn’t really used for tools anymore.  And just think about what you could do with that storage shed you saw on sale at Home Depot!


Whether you create one of these spaces for yourself or not, just letting your imagination go and dreaming about what your “she shed” might look like if you had one, can be a mini rest spot or day dream vacation in itself.  What would your ideal “she shed” look like?  No matter what it looks like, remember…it should definitely be filled with love, joy and abundant living 🙂


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  1. Allison #

    Love some of these ideas!!

    January 12, 2017

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