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A Mamma’s Heart is Ferocious!

We had to share this wonderful true story of a Mother’s love.

According to Doha Madani of Huff Post, Yellowstone Park was the place where this Mamma showed her true colors.   The Park tweeted out photos yesterday of a bison fending off a wild coyote from her calf.  The Park could not confirm exactly how old the baby bison is but less than a month old.

The Mamma was making it very evident by the look in her eyes that she was ready to kill to protect her baby.  The coyote wisely backed off.

As the article stated, “Nothing is more powerful than a mother’s love”.  We, being mothers, are 100% sure of that!






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  1. Lara Clardy #

    There are so many examples of mothers doing amazing things to protect their babies. I just saw one about a mama zebra saving her baby from an aggressive male zebra with crocodiles waiting in the water. I have felt that powerful urge to protect the young as a teacher during earthquakes and on field trips. Thanks for the reminder.

    May 31, 2017

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