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A Flurry Of Activity

There was a flurry of activity at Buckingham Palace last Thursday evening and everyone was all abuzz!People were guessing as to what was happening….really it could be a myriad of things, of course!

There was to be an announcement at 8 am (Greenwich Mean Time) the next morning and there was!

Apparently, Prince Philip, the beloved husband of Queen Elizabeth, is “retiring from public duties”.  This chap who is 95 years old (he will reach 96 on June 10 of this year) has been such an incredible consort for Queen Elizabeth.  We read somewhere that last year he made the most appearances of any of the Royals!  That is quite amazing.

He has engagements scheduled until August of this year and is not accepting any others.  Well, that said, apparently, he might turn up on some occasions.  We would not be surprised if he cannot sit still!

Let’s see just how “retired” he is!

Well done, Prince Philip!

He has brought joy and giggles, along with some gaffes, to the Royals!






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