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A Few Last Minute Costume Ideas

Well, here we are the day before Halloween.  Golly, where did the time go?

If you have not yet put a costume together, here are a few that can be done easily and on the run.

Pop some dollar store spider rings into your child’s braids.

Grey sweat suits, white sticks, mice ears and dark glasses….yes, three blind mice!

Wear a black outfit and pantyhose with plastic bugs glued to them.

The original “stick figure”

“Waiting for a text” – just use some construction paper and markers on an inexpensive white tee shirt.

Dominoes!  Ask everyone to wear black and glue white felt dots onto them.

Ewwww!  A bat!  Use an inexpensive black umbrella for the wings and black construction paper on a black hoodie for the antennae

Thanks, Buzz Feed, for these fun ideas!

Have fun with your halloween festivities.  Be sure to laugh lots and love more!


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  1. Lara Clardy #

    Fun ideas. However, bats don’t have antennae, they have ears. Happy Halloween!!

    October 30, 2017
    • Two Chums #

      Thanks, Lara, so much for that correction. Bats have ears! Now we know!

      November 1, 2017
    • Two Chums #

      Thanks, Lara, so much for that correction. Golly, who knew that bats have ears!

      November 1, 2017

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