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A Doll’s House Fit For a Queen!


In the early 1920’s, Queen Mary’s (the wife of King George V) cousin came up with the idea that it would be nice to have a dolls’ house made for the Queen.  And, so she did!

This dolls’ house was not any ordinary dolls’ house!   It was designed by the most accomplished architect of the time and was made with the finest  pieces. Everything about the house was built on a scale of 1 to 12 i.e. for every 12 inches, they used 1 inch and everything in this wonderful dolls’ house works – the water, the lavatory, the electric lights – just everything.  A lot of the furniture was built to replicate pieces that were, and are, actually in Windsor Castle and the books sitting on the shelves are real little bound books!  This would be a little girl’s absolute dream – at least it was mine when I was a child.
QueensBedroomDoll house replica of Queen Mary’s Bedroom

I remember being taken to Windsor Castle (which is where it is housed) when just a girl to see this amazing replica and thoroughly loving it.  It was hard to drag me away when it was time to leave!

So, if you find yourself in England, take a trip to Windsor Castle and do the tour.  You will not regret it – such joy!






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  1. Wendy #

    The doll house is magic. I remember one Christmas decorating one for Jennifer. I would bring it up at night to work on it and hide it back in the basement during the day. It was not as elaborate as the Queen’s but sweet and who lived in Jennifer’s?…all her Steiff animals! It is no surprise she is so attached to animals today.

    October 24, 2013
    • Two Chums #

      It may not have been as elaborate as Queen Mary’s but knowing you it was very beautiful just the same 🙂

      October 24, 2013

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