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91 And Full Steam Ahead!

There’s no stopping her now!

Queen Elizabeth, who turned 91 last Friday, is still on the move!

Here are some of the things that she is still very much engaged in that would put most 91-year-olds in the bed!

She still loves horse racing and indeed, spent her 91st birthday at the Newbury Racecourse.

She has always loved horses and, in fact, still rides herself.

She is still very much involved in “meet and greets” with people and also with animals!  Last week she was seen        being introduced to an elephant!

                                                                    The Queen last week at Whipsnade Zoo

She is still reviewing the troops and they know that she is their leader.

                                                                 The Queen at age 21 reviewing the troops

She is still giving out awards to worthy folks.

She is still carrying her own umbrella (and in England, that can be full time!)

She is still trying new things.  She went to a grocery store not long ago for the first time, walking up and down the aisles.

                                                         The Queen very excited to be using a telephone

And yes, she still dons the crown!

She is slowly giving a few of her responsibilities to Charles, Camilla, William, Catherine and Harry but all in all, she and her husband, Prince Phillip, do more than their fair share.

Certainly, she does not sit around eating bonbons!  An active and abundant life she certainly leads!







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  1. Richard Horner #

    What a fascinating Queen she is!! I know of very few people who sit around just eating bonbons. The Queen is far too busy with world matters. That’s why you won’t often find her in the frozen food aisle at the market picking out her Stouffers dinner either!

    April 25, 2017

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